Please refer to my Google reviews, some of which are also copied below:

“Rebecca really is a wonderful piano teacher! She has been teaching both my daughters now for several years (my youngest was only 4 when she started piano!) and I can honestly say that Rebecca is incredibly patient, inspiring and makes piano really fun. She focuses on the child’s enjoyment of the piano rather than strict practicing regimes – and this really pays off. She also holds a piano concert with all her pupils twice a year and this has really paid dividends in boosting my daughter’s confidence. Thoroughly recommend”

Marianne, mum of 2 daughters, 12 and 8

“If there are any more mature ladies (or men) with no more musical experience than playing the recorder at school 60 years ago and wishing to play the piano, then I can thoroughly recommend Rebecca. She has been amazingly patient, encouraging and inspirational.”

Sally, adult student

“First class piano teacher. Rebecca has been teaching my daughter for a while now and has progressed her from music-illiterate to Distinction in Grades 1 and 2. Part of the learning for the children is to have fun and where other teachers fail, Rebecca excels.”

Martin, Dad of daughter, 12

“My youngest son has been having lessons with Rebecca for almost 2 years and he absolutely loves them. His older sister was taught by Rebecca too for 4 years and although she has now stopped lessons her love of playing, encouraged by Rebecca, continues still. They both have quite different approaches to learning but Rebecca happily adjusts her teaching methods to suit their different needs.”

Rachael, mum of 7-year old son

“Rebecca is a wonderful teacher, as a mature student, returning to music after a long time, with all the potential anxieties around that, I find that I so enjoy our lessons and I am ever more interested in learning with her. Great stuff”.

Morgan, adult student 

“My boys have enjoyed their piano lessons with Rebecca for almost 3 years now. My youngest started when he was 4, and my older son is now 8. Rebecca has kept them interested, enthusiastic and inspired, choosing music that excites them and using a variety of creative teaching methods. They have even learned to compose their own pieces! I wish I learned this way when I was young. Piano has given them confidence to perform in front of others, has helped my older son learn other instruments, and has also become a way he manages his energy and ability to focus.”

Patricia, mum of 2 sons, 8 and 6

“Rebecca teaches both my daughters aged 7 and 5. They both really enjoy their lessons and really respond to Rebecca’s teaching methods. Rebecca organises concerts for the children to showcase their efforts and this works really well to build confidence and motivation”

Roopa, mum of 2 daughters, 7 and 5

“I feared that at 4 our son was a little young to concentrate on learning to play the piano but Rebecca is amazing. Our son genuinely looks forward to lessons, is engrossed for his half hour at the piano and comes away beaming and full of stories of dogs and birds and tunes he is learning. His rhythm, numeracy and concentration have improved but most importantly he is discovering a real love of music, all thanks to Rebecca!”

Jo, mum of four year old boy




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