Summer 2020 – The Lockdown Concert

Summer 2020 – The Lockdown Concert

Typically I always hold 2 student concerts per year – one in December and one towards the end of the Summer term.  They are highlights of the year for me and my students.  Performing provides each of the students the opportunity to prepare a piece of their choosing to a high standard.  As many of my students choose not to take formal exams, the opportunity to perform provides an alternative focus for their playing.  And it’s a great boost to their confidence.

Many of my students also enjoy composing and arranging and the twice-yearly concerts also provide the chance for them to perform their own work.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, it was not possible to hold my usual Summer concert.  However, my students had all been continuing their weekly lessons on Zoom and I wanted to give them the opportunity to prepare for something special as normal.  So I asked each of them to record a video of them playing a piece of their choice, and put together a video of all the performances to share with them and their families.

It was not the same as a real concert – but it was better than nothing.  And it provides us all with a momento of the past few months – where the music has continued, even as much of life has been put on hold.

You can watch the full concert here: