Never Give Up!

I was chatting to the mum of 4 of my pupils on Friday (yes, she has 4 children between the ages of 3 and 8 and I teach them all piano).   First ‘piano’ day back after the long Summer was a bit of a struggle as all of the children were reluctant to go to their lessons.  (Although, once there, every one of them did great!)  But she shared with me that it was really tough getting them to practice (particularly her younger son, 5) and sometimes wondered if it was worth it.   I remembered this great video and blog from Dana Rice a few months ago, who taught her own son the piano.  In the blog she describes how she also had difficulties with her son but now – as a teenager – he loves it and the video shows exactly what he can do.  I really like the ending where he improvises and really demonstrates his musical ability.

So this one is for Antonia, and any other mums out there who struggle with getting their children to practice.  As Dana says -Never Give Up!

Link below:

Never Give Up!.