Adult Beginners / Returners

When I was working in the Corporate world and told colleagues that I was a pianist, I would often get one of the following responses:

“Oh, I’d love to be able to play the piano” 


“I used to play when I was younger – I’d love to start playing again”

Well, why not?

Playing the piano is an excellent form of stress relief.   I write more about this in my blog (click here).  It is also a great outlet for creativity, which can often be stifled in our professional lives (particularly in areas such as accounting where creativity is frowned upon!)  I believe that more and more people are returning to the things that they loved when they were younger – or starting things that they’ve always wanted to do – as a way to deal with the pressures and strains of modern life and to restore some balance.

I am very interested in working with adult beginners, and returners up to an intermediate level (approx. Grade 5).


For beginners we will work from a selection of books specifically written for adult beginners; there are some excellent ones available and I like to work from at least two for each student to provide variety and a choice of styles.  I will introduce scales, sight-reading and aural exercises as a way to develop all-round musicianship.  There are some great apps around for aural exercises and scale knowledge which you can work through on your commute!


For returners, assuming you have not played seriously for a number of years, we will normally start at a level a couple of grades below where you left off.   With regular practice, and depending on the amount of time since you last played, you will probably find that you make fairly quick progress.  We can work together on selection of repertoire – you may want to revisit the pieces you played when you were younger, or you may want to start with a fresh repertoire – or a bit of both.

If you are interested in finding out more, or booking an initial session, please refer to my Terms and Conditions and contact me here.



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