Privacy Policy

What data do I hold and why do I need it?

Initial enquiries:  the names of all those who enquire about lessons are maintained on a log in order for me to track the number of enquiries I receive.  Unless you request to be added to my waiting list no other data is held.

Waiting List: if you ask to be added to my waiting list I will store your e-mail address and a contact telephone number, if provided.  I will contact you twice a year to confirm that you still wish to remain on this waiting list and if I do not hear back, you and your data will be removed from the list.  This data is maintained so I can easily get in contact with you should a space become available.

Enrolled students: if you or your child attends lessons you will be asked to complete a Student Registration form which will include your e-mail address, your home address, a contact phone number and the date of birth of your child. This is so that I can easily contact you with relevant information about my teaching practice, send birthday cards to your child, and to maintain records of the age of my students who are under 18.

What do I do with your data?

All your personal data is stored securely on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which is held on a password-protected personal computer. Occasionally hard copies of data will be held securely in an office desk but only when Registration forms are completed and returned by hand.  Data is backed-up to Google Drive, for which I have enabled two-factor identification.

The only data that is ever shared with third parties is the name and date of birth of any candidates whom I enter for exams, in which case I will provide this information to the examination boards.

How Long will I keep it?

I will maintain your data for up to 6 years’ after tuition finishes or, for those on my waiting list, until you do not confirm that you wish to remain on my list.

If you wish me to delete your data prior to this then please let me know and I will do so.