Learning the piano: 7 points every parent should know

This is a great article by Dr Sally Cathcart for all parents of piano students.  I was lucky enough to have Sally as one of my tutors on The Piano Teachers’ Course which I took two years ago.  She is also the co-founder of The Curious Piano Teachers – a professional development network of which I am a member.  Of particular resonance for me, given my previous posts about exams, is point number 6, ‘Making Progress’:  “Most children are simply not ready to ‘take Grade 1′ within one to two years of learning the piano, at least not if you want them to keep learning in the long-term. Rush them through without the necessary understanding and you will find that quite soon they will feel defeated by the whole process and will be asking when they can ‘give up because it is boring’”.

The full article is here:

Learning the piano: 7 points every parent should know